The Muslim2go game has 4 or 5 options.

For each correct answer you get 5 points.

Minus 2 points for each question.

Use of the lifeline: You can use it only once per level.

50 – 50 : For removing two options from four (deduct 4 coins).

Skipping question: You can skip the question without minus points (deduction of 4 coins).

Audience poll : Use the audience poll to check if other users have chosen an option (deduction of 4 coins).

Reset Timer: Reset the timer if you need more time (subtract 4 coins).


You can compare your score with other users of the app.

Sweepstakes Rules

In order to provide all Muslim2go readers with fair and equal chances to win, the following official rules apply to all contests on Muslim2go.

ELIGIBILITY TO PARTICIPATE: All players/users can participate in the contest.

PARTICIPATION: Users can participate in the contest by spending the number of coins specified in the contest details as an entry fee.

The entire contest and operation is the property of Muslim2go MS.